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Essay: The Rich Will Always Win


A Government Above the Law




Government Crimes Against the American People: In Cahoots with the Big Pharma


War Crime of the Twenty-first Century: The Iraq War


Guantanamo Just One of Many:

A History of American Torture


The FDA: A Misnomer for the Food and Drug Cartel of America


Interregnum: The Rise and Fall of the West in a World of Asian Dominance


Just Imagine: How Hegemony Works


Logic: A New Approach to the Branch of Philosophy and Mathematics


The Alternative: How Our Species is to Go Extinct like all Others


Imperialism: A History of Crimes Against Humanity


America: A Third World Nation in the Making


Adam Smith:

A Great Man but a Gullible Philosopher


Socialized Capitalism:

A Case for Democratizing the Workplace


One Nation Under Surveillance:

With Liberty and Justice for None


History of the United States:1776-2020:

From Freedom to Fascism