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From Freedom to Fascism

History of the United States: 1776-2020

One Nation Under Surveillance

With Liberty and Justice for None

A New World Order

Launch Jan, 2021

Big History

Before the Big Bang to Now
Launch Jan 1, 2020


Scientific Evidence of How Your Life is Predestined
Release Jan 1, 2020.

Socialized Capitalism:

A Case for Democratizing the Workplace

Adam Smith: A Gullible Philosopher

The book speaks highly of Adam Smith as a person but describes him as a naive philosopher

America: A Third World Nation in the Making

The books does a critical analysis of Capitalism to show how America is heading towards a free wall and it wont stop til America turns into a third world nation


A New Approach to Logic, the Branch of Mathematics


The Rise and Fall of the West in a World of Asian Dominance

The Great Illusion

The Myth of Free Will, Consciousness and the Self ( April 1, 2016)

Discovering Our World

Humanity's Epic Journey from Myth to Knowledge ( April 1, 2015)

The Seduction of Religion

( Launch Jan 1, 2017)

FDA's Betrayal of the American Public

Our Government's Allegiance to Corporations (Project underway)


Truth Revealed ( Project Underway)

Iraq War

The War Crime of the Twenty-first Century

When Government Commits Crimes

In Cahoots With the Big Pharma