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The Seduction of Religion: An Illuminating and Provocative Guide to the Relgions of the World (Second Edition)
Launch Date: March 1, 2020 (USA and Canada); June 1, 2020 (UK, Europe and Australia)


Science Literacy Books (Singh Global Initiatives)
2120 Avy Avenue
Box 7716
Menlo Park, CA - 94026

Contact: Paul@ScienceLiteracyBooks.Com


Science Literacy Books was launched in 2015 as a new initiative of the SGI (Singh Global Initiatives), a 501(c)(3) philanthropic public charity (established 2013) with a goal to publish literature aimed at promoting health and science education.


In 2016, SLB expanded its mission to the publishing of books on social, economic and healthcare justice. Since then SLB has become committed to investigative journalism with a mission to expose corruption and crime in three branches of the government and our public institutions that are now in bed with multinational corporations at the expense this planet's entire population.


We believe that it is time for the American people to dump both political parties, the democrats and the republicans which are chips of the same block. We need new leaders with some integrity, character and moral indignation who can resist the smell of money. Such a hope seems more like a dream than reality, but we must not stop trying.


Although Bernie's first call to political revolution was inspiring, we do not believe that Bernie went far enough, nor do we believe that he understands the underlying issues that are afflicting our nation and our culture. On second thought, let me correct myself; he does understand for the most part, the issues afflicting our nation, it is just that he has been a wolf in sheep's clothing all along and we did not know it. He repeatedly betrayed his supporters who gave him their shirt, by going right back to supporting the establishment that he pretended to be so  critical of. I wish I had researched his background in more detail when I fell for him in 2016 election and raised millions for his compaign from my poor followers, who went out of their way to contribute to his compaign more than they could afford. He betrayed his followers again in 2020 when he dumped his followers and his compaign and starting supporting a corporate criminal called Joe Biden just as he did for Hillary in 2016. It turns out that Bernie has been a water boy for the democratic party for the last three decades. He also compaigned for Bill Clinton after he had passed NAFTA in the 90's. something I wish I knew in 2016 when I supported his compaign whole heartedly. Little did I know that Bernie had been put in place just so that a third political party could be prevented from emerging and becoming a threat to the two party duopoly.


I wholeheartedly supported Bernie by raising over a million dollars by motivating tens of thousands of our followers including my patients who contributed whatever they could out of their hard-earned money. After we had busted our behind to raise this money, Bernie dropped his compaign and started supporting Hillary Clinton, justifying it by saying, "anything better than Donald Trump" , and then handed over the email contacts of millions of his supporters to Hillary Clinton so that the democratic party establishment candidates could harass them for money in all eternity, by saying, "you are our top democrat from the state of California, please make a donation, we will match it 5 times." Bernie betrayed us all. He had one chance, he lost it and deceived his followers at the same time. Bernie will go down history as someone who made a difference by bringing about awareness about the deep state but he will also go down history as the biggest betrayer of public trust in the history of the United States.


We need to elect someone with the guts of Andrew Jackson (barring his racism and many other bad traits) today who will stand up to the money trust, the money changers, the international central banking cartel spearheaded by our federal reserve, which is neither federal nor a reserve, the largest scam ever perpetrated in the history of the human race. You don't have to believe me, just read what the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison said about the central banks, what Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln said about the central banks cartel.


That makes our entire federal government that works for this private banking cartel, called the Federal reserve, a scam by definition. Yes, I said it, our federal government is a scam and always have been throughout most of the U.S. history. Our educational system and media is held hostage so that they are barred from speaking the truth. They must be the mouthpiece for the government's narrative for both domestic and foreign policies. The corrupting influence of money in politics in subservience to the oligarchs at the expense of everyone else is now gotten out of hand.


The Declaration of Independence clearly states: That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.


Our mission is not easy, but we will continue to do our best to help bring about social and economic justice in the United States and the world, whenever we can, wherever we can. We hope to do this by exposing the neoliberal principles of the ruling class in America and their endless corporate crimes gushing right out of it, crimes that are now routinely being committed with the full political support and economic backing of the government of the United States, ironically by using our own tax dollars. Imagine, this is a government that is supposed to "represent us", defend us, protect us and use our money wisely. Instead, our government has decided to rule us, govern us, we the people, the true sovereign. We need a Protectorate, not a government.


We want our republic back, a government of the people by the people and for the people, not a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. The American people and the people around the world must not continue to suffer as they have since the 1970's under the neoliberal oppression. We hope that our publishing company, a true public charity in every sense of the word, will give rise to new authors, philosophers, writers and activists in our own generation and the next who will demand overhauling the system to reinstate long-lost justice, equity, and human rights for all inhabitants of this earth.




A publishing house for the future, Science Literacy Books, an SGI initiative, encourages scholars to submit non-fiction manuscripts that are written with the intent of bringing about public awareness on issues related to science literacy, philosophy, social justice, human rights, education, poverty, and the need for universal healthcare.


We encourage the submission of manuscripts that expose social injustice in any form. We also welcome writings that promote public understanding of science.


Please email book proposals with a copy of the author's resume to