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Discovering Our World

Humanity's Epic Journey from Myth to Knowledge

" A clear and engaging look at the greatest story of all --how we came to (finally) understand who we are and what our place is in the universe. The millennia of false starts and missed guesses are treated as a lack not of intelligence but of a reliable way to interrogate reality. The book captures the questing curiosity of early humanity, then conveys the astonishing feeling of sudden acceleration as science filled the slack sails, revealing at last who and what we really are. This is a marvelous, accessible contribution to the literature"

--Dale McGowen, Ph.D, executive director, Foundation Beyond Belief, and co-author, Raising Freethinkers

A Case for Democratizing the Workplace
The Rise and Fall of the West in a World of Asian Dominance
Our Government's Allegiance to Corporations
The War Crime of the Twenty- first Century
The book speaks highly of Adam Smith as a person but describes him as a naive philosopher of the eighteenth century
How Our Species is to Go Extinct like Others
Textbooks in Philosophy and Mathematics
Textbook in Logic
Science Writing
Science Literacy
Truth Revealed
Social and Economic Justice
In Cahoots with the Big Pharma

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