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Help Elect Bernie

Support Bernie's Vision for America

We invite millennials to write their comments and views on Hillary receiving $353,000 personal checks from individual CEO's of corporations and from the wealthy at her dinner table. Folks, that is what it cost to eat lunch with Hillary, Chelsea or Bill at the same table. She has had such lunch meetings with thousands of wealthy folks around the country since October of last year. The next lunch is today ( 4/16/16) at George Cloony's mansion in L.A.

If you eat lunch at the table set close to Hillary's table, then you contribute $100,000 and get a picture with Hillary. If you eat lunch at a table somewhat removed from her table, then you pay $66,000 as a couple and $33,000 as a single.

It is nearly impossible for a working american to save that kind of money after working for 50-60 hours a week for a lifetime, starting at the age of 20 and retiring at age 70. Please give us your thoughts about this outrageous corruption in our government.
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