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18th Congressional District Bernie Compaign's Official Annoucement

April 28, 2016

Tags: Clarification on Delegate Selection

People must arrive no later than 3.00 pm in order to sign-in and vote. Please disregard the 2.00-5.00 pm time range instructions in a previous posting. We desperately need more volunteers at the gathering.

Link to volunteer sign-up page:
Link to official event page:
https://go. (more…)

Bernie's Delegate Selection

April 28, 2016

Tags: 18th Congressional District

There will be vote for delegate selection in the 18th congressional district on May 1st, 2016. Please show up to vote and support our cause. It is 2.00-5.00 pm on Sunday May 1st, 2016 at Success Center ( Mountain View California) 875 Maude Suite 5, Mountain View, CA 94043. Host is Steve Chessin. We need support and show of Solidarity.

Bernie Coming to California

April 22, 2016

Tags: What would you like to ask Bernie?

This is a blogpost suggested by Bruce, Bernie's supporter from Menlo Park. What questions would you have for Bernie when he comes to California? Feel feel to comment.


April 22, 2016


We are seeking first one thousand signatures from supporters of Bernie to sign up for the new political party we have founded, the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY , a party that will carry out Bernie's mission into our future for the millennials, and for our children and grandchildren. We like to see this membership grow into " (more…)

Bernie should run independent

April 21, 2016

Tags: Bernie run as an independent

We believe that Bernie has a better chance if he runs as an independent. He cannot say that Hillary is sold out to corporations on the one hand and then go ahead and support her if she ends up winning the nomination.

We cannot lose the progress we have already made in this revolution. We must move (more…)

Hillary's "Dark Money"

April 20, 2016

Tags: Clinton Speeches

How many people know that the Clintons have made $ 154,000,000 in speech money in the last two decades? How many people know that the Clintons accept what is considered as "dark money" from the wealthy, the foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia? Millennials, do you seriously believe that Hillary gives a fig about us, the (more…)

Help Elect Bernie

April 19, 2016

Tags: Compaign Contributions to Bernie

Science Literacy Books has decided to match dollar for dollar any donations made till the end of the election. All proceeds will be immediately passed on to Bernie's compaign. Please help us elect Bernie Sanders. This may be our only chance.

Support Bernie's Vision for America

April 16, 2016

Tags: Compaign Finance

We invite millennials to write their comments and views on Hillary receiving $353,000 personal checks from individual CEO's of corporations and from the wealthy at her dinner table. Folks, that is what it cost to eat lunch with Hillary, Chelsea or Bill at the same table. She has had such lunch meetings with thousands of (more…)

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