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Science Literacy Books was founded in 2013 as one of the initiatives of the SGI (Singh Global Initiatives), a 501(c)(3) philanthropic public charity. Since then it has published books for the public understanding of health and science. SLB continues to move forward with its goal of advancing science literacy for the benefit of humanity.

In mid-2015, SLB expanded its mission to the publishing of books on social, economic and healthcare justice. We are grateful to Bernie Sanders who showed the courage to stand up against rampant corruption in three branches of the government and public institutions that are in bed with multinational corporations at the expense of almost the entire population on the planet.

It is time to dump both political parties, the democrats and the republicans which are two factions of the same party. And if Bernie does not stop his behind-the-scenes love fest with the democratic party, in continuing to vote for wars, regime changes and drone killings of innocent American citizens, then it is time to dump him too. We need new leaders with the integrity and character of Henry Wallace, Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Rosa Luxemberg and Ralph Nader who truly represent us, the people of this earth. Elections should be funded by the taxpayer and our new leaders should not accept a dime from a corporation. And, yes, that will be one heck of a challenge.

Although Bernie's call to political revolution is inspiring, we do not believe that Bernie went far enough. His "revolution" does not even go as far as what Dwight Eisenhower, a republican president did for the poor of this nation six decades ago. This is not to minimize Bernie's contribution to the raising of public consciousness about the problems facing our country. After all, he is the politician who showed the courage of openly speaking up against the corrupting influence of money in politics and policy that is devoted to serving the rich at the expense of everyone else. And yes, Bernie was successful because the time was just ripe when the "bewildered herd," the American people, were more disillusioned than ever before in recent history. So he rode on the crest of the wave. We are past that point, however.

The Declaration of Independence clearly states: That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

So we also believe that the time is ripe for Science Literacy Books to carry Bernie's message far out into the future in dimensions beyond Bernie's dream. Our mission is to help bring about social and economic justice in the United States and the world. We hope to do this by exposing the neoliberal principles of the ruling class in America and their endless corporate crimes gushing right out of it, crimes that are now routinely being committed with the full political support and economic backing of the government of the United States, using our own tax dollars. This is a government that is supposed to "represent us", the people. Does it?

We want our democracy back, a government of the people by the people and for the people. The American people and the people around the world must not continue to suffer as they have since the 1970's under the neoliberal oppression. We hope that our publishing company, a true public charity in every sense of the word, will give rise to new authors, philosophers, writers and activists from among the millennials demanding justice, equity, and human rights for all inhabitants of this earth.


A publishing house for the future, Science Literacy Books, an SGI initiative, encourages scholars to submit non-fiction manuscripts that are written with the intent of bringing about public awareness on issues related to science literacy, philosophy, social justice, human rights, education, poverty, and the need for universal healthcare.

We encourage the submission of manuscripts that expose social injustice in any form. We also welcome writings that promote public understanding of science.

Please email book proposals with a copy of the author's resume to Paul@​​

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